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8 Jan 2020

CSN invite you to join our next free and interactive webinar, where we will be outlining the latest, top CX tips you will need for a successful CX journey, during what will be a challenging year in 2020

31 Dec 2019

Organisations will never reap the rewards achieving crucial competitive advantages unless they stop playing at CX and actually start delivering against a focused and achievable CX strategy

It's CSN's big Christmas give-away! Download and watch with your team, real-life insights and experiences in how to develop successful strategies to achieve Excellence in Customer Journey Mapping and Excellence in Complaint Management

18 Nov 2019

CSN are the UK accreditor for the World's first Customer Experience Standard - ICXS. Join 178 organisations and over 15,000 individuals across the world, in achieving the ICSX Standard and the globally-recognised achievement of delivering Customer Service Excellenc...

7 Nov 2019

An overview of CSN's Excellence in Customer Journey Mapping (CJM) webinar. We have supported customers for over 25 years now, to get this crucial CX tool correct.

11 Oct 2019

With so many social platforms available to customers nowadays, clever marketing campaigns are no longer enough for organisations to build trust and confidence. Customers demand that promises are delivered and are quick to share with others, if that's not the case.

10 Oct 2019

The role of there Leadership Team is crucially important when it comes to delivering Customer Service Excellence. The approach and determination shown by the Leadership Team to drive Customer Service Excellence, directly influences the level of employee engagement.

9 Oct 2019

The power that organisations can leverage by consistently recognising their employees' achievements is huge.