• John Hughes, MD

The importance of customer journey mapping

An indisputable fact of business, is that as customers we expect to experience an organisation that provides a single seamless journey across all touch-points from initial enquiry right through to any required post sales support.

And we are left frustrated when (as often is the case) we experience confusing communications, requested to repeat the request to different people within the organisation and generally having to spend too much time to do what is perceived as quite simple.

At best, fluctuating customer experiences across different communication across your organisation will be frustrating but much more likely, seen as reasons to complain/go elsewhere.

An approach to firstly understand and then overcome these barriers is to consider the total customer journey. And the tool required to sit central to any customer excellence strategy, must therefore be the organisations Customer Journey Map – it’s THAT crucial.

At CSN, we have been helping Travel and Holiday companies for over 20 years in developing their own unique Customer Journey Map and as such, the ability to easily identify areas of weakness, development and where support is needed, in order to significantly step-up the overall consistent delivery of Customer Excellence.

We have a unique process that works incredibly well for our clients, whereby our highly experienced CX team position themselves as your customer and we build the Customer Journey Map with you, from both perspectives.

We then utilise our in-house software and create the thorough and visually appealing Customer Journey Map, before undertaking the stage of analysis and recommendation around the areas of your organisation requiring attention.

We deliver the most comprehensive, clear and accurate Customer Journey Mapping support in the UK.

Once you have your Customer Journey Map and the recommendations and support that come with it from CSN, you will be able to achieve any or all of the following:

  1. A complete understanding of the experience of different segments of customers

  2. Improve efficiency and remove inconsistencies in the customers experience

  3. Identify a more seamless experience across functional silos and departments

  4. Design a new customer experience

  5. Assess the impact of wider internal developments on the customers experience

  6. Establish development priorities

  7. Develop cross business alignment across the organisation

  8. Improve your single overall measure of customer experience

CSN: Supporting companies towards the pursuit of customer service excellence for over two decades.

Get in touch for a brief chat or email conversation regarding how CSN could help you generate your crucial Customer Journey Map in a much more cost-effective way than doing so in-house.

It’s what we do.


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