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Our most popular ever FREE CX Webinar - Customer Complaints Management

The team here at CSN have been supporting our customers in improving their Customer Complaints Management for over two decades now.

During that period, customer expectations have changed, as has technology and thus the pressure to at the very least keep pace, is a challenge every organisation faces.

For more detail as to how we support our customers in this area, just click this link but don't forget to download this webinar (below) - it's priceless.

Excellence in Complaint Management is more than just a well-trained and knowledgeable front-line team.

Time and investment is also required in the following areas;

  • Leadership & Culture

  • Process

  • Technology and Systems

  • Performance management

  • Systematic Reviews

  • Continuous Improvement

CSN have put together a very popular, audio and video Webinar, which covers the following topics over the steady course of 45 minutes:

  • Background

  • Complaint Environment

  • Complaint Economics

  • Complaint Management

  • Complaint Handling

  • Summary

  • Q&A

N.B. The Q&A part of the Webinar provides a fascinating insight into the issues and concerns of real life attendees to the live Webinar which took place on the 22nd March 2017, which add great depth/insight into the discussion.

In order to request access to this complimentary 45 minute webinar, just simply click HERE and we’d be delighted to share it with you.


CSN: Supporting UK companies in the pursuit of customer service excellence for over two decades.

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