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CX strategies CAN still be delivered on a limited budget - here's how.

In February 2020, almost 100 CX specialists from organisations spread across the world, joined CSN's Managing Director, John Hughes on our 'How to deliver Customer Experience on a budget' webinar.

Across a hugely rewarding 45 minutes, John managed to cram over two decades of experience to summarise what we call the 'CX Essentials' that need to be in place within any organisation, regardless of size, in order to deliver positive Customer Experience.

Typical pitfalls, challenges and opportunities were all discussed and thanks to a number of attendees who interacted with John throughout the webinar, there were some priceless insights, which shed light within a variety of organisations, on how their own Customer Experience journeys are evolving.

But the underlying theme of the webinar was delivered loud and clear:

''A tight budget can be restricting for any CX strategy -

but success is still very achievable''.

John Hughes, CSN

If you have 45 minutes available and want some clear insight into how to meet the challenges of delivering your Customer Experience strategy successfully, you're in luck!

Just click the play button below, strap in and good luck on your CX journey!

For more thoughts, advice and insights on everything Customer Experience related, find us at www.customernet.com, where you'll find a ton of resources to help you along the way.

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