• John Hughes, MD

Happy New Year from CSN, BUT we leave your with one final thought..

We'll keep this point short and punchy, so hopefully it resonates quickly with those company leaders who need to re-focus their approach to enhancing their Customer Experience (CX).

As Forbes so eloquently summarised recently:

'The problem with CX in 2020 is that many companies are still paying lip service to customer experience, pursuing it to create good annual report copy, rather than to drive fundamental changes in how they do business'.

Whilst almost every organisation in the UK has some level of grasp that CX is by far the number one competitive advantage available to those that truly deliver - that will NEVER be the case, however, for those organisations who merely play at it.

There are still way too many organisations which still need to plan CX better, define clear plans, responsibilities, engagement, actions and measurable targets - make 2020 YOUR year for delivering CX greatness and watch how your customers love you for it!

A very Happy New Year and all the very best with your CX journeys!


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