• John Hughes, MD

Excellence in Customer Journey Mapping webinar: 11.00am Thursday 5th December 2019 (45 mins duration

Most organisations nowadays are aware of the importance of understanding the Customer Journey and thus, the need for Customer Journey Mapping (CJM) itself, to bring it to life.

Getting the precise process correct when building an organisation's individual CJM, is crucial.

So too, are the associated actions needed to improve, once the Customer Journey Map(s) is/are built.

The consequences of developing an improvement strategy around inaccurate insight, can quickly lead to further diversion between what the customer expects and what they experience.

Our popular live and interactive 'Excellence in Customer Journey Mapping' Webinar is designed to guide organisations in the development of their own CJM process, in making it as accurate and powerful as it can be.

During this webinar, our MD, John Hughes, will be covering:

  • The journey mapping process

  • Customer personas

  • The customer journey steps/stages

  • Identify the pain points/moments of truth

  • Identify and prioritise the key gaps

  • Key things to avoid

  • Creating action plans

  • What happens next?

As with all our webinars, there'll be a Q&A session at the end so you can ask your questions and engage with the presenter and other attendees.

We have limited spaces available, in order to keep the discussion manageable for all:

To register your free spot at the CSN 'Excellence in Customer Journey Mapping' webinar on Thursday 5th December 2019 at 11am, click HERE to sign up, in under a minute.

Accurate Customer Journey Mapping provides proactive organisations with the insight and visual support, to see their services through the eyes of their customers.

We'll discuss how to get this point and then what to focus on fixing when you get there.



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