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National Customer Service Week (Day 5): Trust

Friday 11th October: TRUST

There is so much ‘marketing noise’ in our lives, from TV adverts, online advertising, social influencers, traditional press etc that whilst these channels still have a role in piquing our awareness, they play a much smaller role than ever, in building our trust in the brands being advertised. In short, we’ll make our own minds up thank you.

The reason for this is quite simple: trust is easily lost - consumers are suspicious of brands that fail to deliver on their promises and undermine the relationship.

As such, rather than relying on advertising or traditional marketing communications driven by brands, consumers now prefer to do their own research when deciding which organisations to use.

And of course, this also means listening to the opinions of family and friends as well as influencers on their social networks and forums.

In fact, research suggests 90% of consumers now trust references from their peers - and these peer references are 7x more trusted compared to the messages, that brands communicate through adverts.

This means that brands need to work harder to be present and engage in conversations with customers and influencers on channels such as social media and online forums.

Crucially, though, it also means that organisations must consistently deliver their service promises, when they say they will, otherwise these peer-group references will quickly spiral into negativity and ultimately, lost customers.

Customers nowadays, want organisations to be open – 88% of consumers in the UK, say they expect brands to be more transparent and provide more detailed information,than five years ago.

And the starting point, as ever, for any organisation aiming to deliver trust consistently across its customers, is to gather insight from their customer base, in order to measure where the gaps are, before they can fix them.


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CSN has been successfully supporting organisations to deliver Customer Service Excellence for over 20 years.

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