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National Customer Service Week (Day 4): Leadership

Thursday 10th October: LEADERSHIP

Nowadays, it is almost impossible to imagine an organisation consistently delivering excellent customer service, without the tangible support of the Leadership Team.

Employee engagement and customer satisfaction are joined at the hip – so by default if the customer service teams don’t perceive the focus and determination to deliver outstanding results comes from the Leadership Team, their motivation to do so will start to slide, along with results.

The importance and impact of the Leadership role should never be overlooked – organisations which are commonly recognised as pioneers in delivering sustained customer service excellence, ALL have a culture to delight the customer, which starts at the top and infiltrates EVERY department.

Over the years, CSN has worked with many Leaders and Exec teams, determined to build differentiation for their organisation by achieving their goal of delivering Customer Service Excellence.

In order to achieve this culture of Customer Service Excellence, typically, six behavioural traits, from the organisation’s Leadership Team, become the ‘norm’, namely;

  1. Empower to make decisions

  2. Listen to customers

  3. Everybody and every department measured through same consistent KPIs

  4. Investment in Employee Engagement feedback and increasing employee satisfaction

  5. Develop and teach a customer-centric mindset

  6. Be visible, interested and inspirational


CSN has a highly successful 20+ year history of coaching and instilling the key skills and behaviours that our clients’ teams require, to sustainably deliver the highest levels of customer service and customer experience, that they can.

Click above for more detail as to how we have built this positive reputation.


CSN has been successfully supporting organisations to deliver Customer Service Excellence for over 20 years.

We take great pride in gathering insight from our own customers and maintaining the consistently high levels of positive feedback from our own customers.

For more information on the solutions that we provide for organisations like yours, including numerous customer testimonials to reassure you that we really are the UK’s leading support organisation for organisations aiming to deliver Customer Service Excellence, head to www.customernet.com now and we’ll be delighted to discuss any help you may need.

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