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National Customer Service Week (Day 3): Recognition

Wednesday 9th October: RECOGNITION

The desire to feel special and be recognised when we believe we have achieved something, particularly when we’ve helped others, is natural to human beings.

People want to know that they matter to others and we all want to feel important and appreciated.

This point is heightened for front-line employees within a customer service role, given that at least part of their role, will at times, undoubtedly involve bearing the brunt of discontent from complaining customers – motivation to cope with these low-points, must surely be driven by hoping the positives and recognition for doing a good job, may just be around the corner.

As such, whilst employee recognition is one important factor that affects employee engagement within an organisation, arguably, it is THE most important factor for customer service professionals.

In a recent survey of nearly 1,000 employees from large businesses, O.C Tanner (large US based HR Recruitment company) found a strong connection between recognition and job satisfaction:

7 out of 10 employees who received appreciation for their good work said they're happy with their jobs. But among employees who hadn't received recognition, just 4 in 10 say they're satisfied at work.

So employees being recognised in their jobs has a positive impact onjob satisfaction. What other benefits does it bring about?

In another O.C. Tanner study employee feedback showed that recognition and acknowledgment helps foster loyalty. Among employees who said their company had robust recognition practices:

87 percent felt "a strong relationship with their direct manager,". As for the employees whose companies lacked good employee recognition, only 51 percent said they had a strong relationship with their boss.

Organisations which demonstrate the importance of formally recognising the good work of their employees, create a more unified workforce:

Many employee studies over the years have generated employee feedback that seems to suggest that just by publicly presenting some employees with a 'years of service' award, managers could increase all employees' sense that the organisation cared about them

However, what is clear to our team at CSN during our 20+ years of supporting organisations with improving Employee Engagement is that nothing can be taken for granted just because some form of Employee Recognition process is in place….people are different….organisations are different.

Is the recognition enough? Are the ‘rewards’ and incentives what the employees actually want? Does the recognition process happen often enough?

One way to answer these questions is by undertaking independent employee engagement surveys to find out from ‘the horses mouth’:


CSN has a highly successful 20+ year history of coaching and instilling the key skills and behaviours that our clients’ teams require, to sustainably deliver the highest levels of customer service and customer experience, that they can.

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CSN has been successfully supporting organisations to deliver Customer Service Excellence for over 20 years.

We take great pride in gathering insight from our own customers and maintaining the consistently high levels of positive feedback from our own customers.

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