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The one thing so many organisations fail to do, whilst Customer Journey Mapping.

One of the many benefits of accurately creating a Customer Journey Map (CJM), is of course the ability to identify service and satisfaction gaps, through the eyes of the customer.

So by definition, unless you are operating within the perfect organisation (which so far appears not to exist), the creation of a Customer Journey Map, should subsequently highlight the need for change, to close the gaps and sustainably improve, to the satisfaction of the customer.

Naturally, having a nominated leader within the business to drive the Customer Journey Mapping process, organisation, communications etc is crucial. Once complete, however, with all customer, leadership and employee feedback considered, it's just the start of the improvement process....

And herein, lies the key area where things often go wrong,

regardless of how accurate the Customer Journey Map is.

The key element that is often missing from the overall CX improvement plan at this point, for so many organisations: A Customer Focused Framework.

A Customer Focused Framework, is effectively the tangible outline of responsibilities, actions, timescales and communication, that is required across the organisation in order to deliver the inevitable improvements needed, as highlighted by the CJM process.

Ideally, it is drawn up directly or at least in tandem with the Executive Team, to provide the focus and authority required for responsibilities to be subsequently met within required timescales.

The Framework is CRUCIAL in order to a) initially achieve full buy-in across all key internal leaders and subsequently, and to then b) efficiently deliver the relevant, long-term changes (which of course may well cross multiple silo/departments within the company) that have been identified as required.

Customer Journey Mapping is an excellent tool,

but it needs to be considered within a complete

Customer Focused Framework, with full buy-in from everyone,

if any organisation is to gain the maximum value from it.

Without the Framework in place, the leader of the CJM process itself is often left isolated and in the difficult position of tackling internal politics and requests for change, across colleagues who are often either at the same level or more senior to them. Improvements/changes are often sporadic and momentum often quickly fizzles out.

At CSN, we see this situation constantly.

When the CJM process is incorrectly considered by many internally as an end-to-end improvement strategy in itself or when a lack of unilateral buy-in across senior leadership removes the possibility of a unified, focused and target driven improvement plan, delivering the required changes that the customer has clearly identified rarely happens.

Indeed, in some organisations, getting to the point of

a cross-leadership buy-in, whereby an effective

Customer Focused Framework is in place during

the CJM process is a skill in itself.

This is often due to legacy relationships, internal politics,

lack of resources or budget etc.

In addition to supporting our customers with the accurate completion of the Customer Journey Map, helping to successfully gain cross-organisational agreement for the Customer Focused Framework, is something CSN have undertaken many times over our 22 years.

That is why hundreds of companies across the UK, consider CSN to be the leading Customer Journey Mapping specialists.

Whether it be to find out more about how our team would successfully, cost effectively and swiftly support you through the Customer Journey Process or maybe you wish to see our cutting-edge, dashboard CJM software, which constantly presents the real-time fluctuating, visual representation of customer feedback across all major customer touchpoints on your screen, don't hesitate to contact us today (details below) and we can discuss over the telephone/email or if preferred, set up a live web demo to actually show you:

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