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Why does Customer Journey Mapping undertaken internally, often fail (and what is the solution)?

As customers, we expect to experience an organisation that provides a single seamless journey across all touch-points from initial enquiry right through to any required post sales support.

But whilst many business leaders believe their organisation is set up to deliver just that, the reality is often quite different.

A simple example: you receive a piece of direct mail from a satellite company informing you that you're such an important customer they intend to provide their super-whizzy new machine to you, for a fraction of the price. Just log in to your account online and set it up....only when you do, the 'deal' is not there. You can order the gizmo but only at the top-whack price.

Result: unhappy customer.

At best, fluctuating customer experiences across different communication across your organisation will be frustrating but at worst, much more likely, seen as reasons to complain/go elsewhere.

As many know, the tool required to sit central to any customer excellence strategy and build insight and ultimately actions to avoid such scenarios, whilst dynamically improving each relevant communication channel, must therefore be the organisation's Customer Journey Map.

However, a common problem we see, is that many organisations attempt to build their Customer Journey Map internally, and many get it wrong. How and why?

  • Internal staff in the planning meetings, can only build an 'inside-out' view of the customer touch-points, as well as the customer's satisfaction around them - would the marketing staff member and the digital staff member in the above satellite company example, consider their touch-points as effective and satisfactory for the customer? Quite possibly, but clearly they're not

  • Attempting to fix everything at once. In one fell swoop, it's almost impossible to do anyway. The crucial touch-points (perhaps identified by highest causing customer churn, or where most issues lie etc) need to identified and targeted for the initial improvements.

  • Under-estimating how wide the scope of touch-points actually goes for its customers. Even a large SME business will have quite a few more customer touch-points and channels than many internally actually appreciate. A common one that internal people often forget about is customer billing for example. Customer Journeys don't stop at the purchase stage of course.

  • Project Management. This is a huge area where things often fall down internally. Done properly, the Customer Journey Mapping process will identify customer touch points and simultaneously, customer pain points. Quite often, pain points can affect more than one department, meaning the requirement of key 'Heads of' to plan, decide and execute in order to improve the overall Customer Journey, is very likely indeed. This situation can be a very difficult one to manage, certainly in larger organisations, where tight budgets, staffing resources, targets etc will be impacted during the improvement process...and the internal politics can lead to little changing, despite having a cracking-looking Customer Journey Map on the wall.

CSN applies 23 years experience to provide the solution

We have a unique, swift and efficient process that works incredibly well for our clients, whereby our highly experienced CX team position themselves as your customer, armed with key customer insight and we build the Customer Journey Map with you, from everyone's perspective and all angles.

We support you through the bumps in the road (we've seen them all before!) and crucially, the end result is accurate and the perfect platform from which to plan the next step: the improvements needed.

Internal buy-in is crucial once the CJM is built. It's a fact that the subsequent improvement process can never be delivered by just one person, it's ALWAYS an internal, engaged team that is required.

We facilitate everyone's vision and interaction with the Customer Journey Map

We utilise our in-house, cloud-based software and bring the entire Customer Journey to life.

The result is a dynamic, visually appealing Customer Journey Map which can be shared across each relevant staff member internally, before we then move on to help undertake the stage of analysis and recommendation within those areas of the organisation requiring attention.

CSN delivers the most comprehensive, clear, cost-effective and accurate Customer Journey Mapping support in the UK.

But we don't stop there....once the Customer Journey Map has been successfully created, we work with our customer to then achieve the following:

  1. A complete understanding of the experience of different segments of customers

  2. Improve efficiency and remove inconsistencies in the customers experience

  3. Identify a more seamless experience across functional silos and departments

  4. Design the new and now more focused customer experience

  5. Assess the impact of wider internal developments on the customers experience

  6. Establish development/improvement priorities (including in line with appropriate budgeting/time constraints versus benefits)

  7. Develop and support cross-business alignment across the organisation

  8. Improve the overall delivery of the customer experience

CSN has been successfully supporting companies towards the pursuit of customer service excellence for over two decades.

We will help you achieve the same.

Get in touch for a brief chat or email conversation regarding how CSN would help you generate your crucial Customer Journey Map in a much more visual, swift, structured and cost-effective way than doing so in-house.


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