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What should the crucial starting point of a successful Customer Experience strategy always be?

In 2019, more and more organisations are targeting themselves to focus on delivering exemplary Customer Experience, as the key competitor differentiator, when it comes to their growth aspirations.

However, from direct experience, many organisations are flying forward with changes to improve and yet haven’t actuallypulled together the coreof their Customer Experience strategy correctly – namely, how do Customers perceive/rate their interactions with the organisation?

A common mistake that leaders make, often involve assuming what the gaps are between current and desired customer experience.

This tends to then mean, the choice of actions and improvements to be taken, are also predominately based on internal views. This is an incredibly unreliable approach to a successful Customer Experience Strategy!

Food for thought…..

…..most leadership teams would agree, that if they could visualise each interaction with their company, through their customer’s eyes, they would be more easily able to identify and fix the gaps between expected and actual service delivered, in order to deliver a much stronger overall Customer Experience.

And they’d be right.

In fact, what we have described above here, is Customer Journey Mapping.

The starting point and indeed bedrock, of a successful Customer Experience strategy.

Building a successful plan to significantly enhance your company’s Customer Experience delivery, has to be based on having accurately identified ALL of your customer touchpoints.

‘’Successfully and accurately identifying all customer touchpoints, facilitates the ability to concurrently build a visual representationof how, when and why customers interact with you – this is the crucial process known as Customer Journey Mapping and should be both the starting point and bedrock, upon which an organisation’s Customer Experience strategy sits’’.

John Hughes, Managing Director, CSN

So, HOW do you accurately pull together clarity of all your customers’ touch points and build comprehensive Customer Journey Maps?

Ideally, whether internal or external, you really need to work with a specialist who understands how to accurately pull together your organisation’s Customer Journey Maps…failing to identify key areas of your Customers’ Journey when dealing with your organisation, will undoubtedly compromise your improvement strategy.

Improve service delivery across most of your key Customer Touchpoints, means failure because it will be those experiences where improvement is yet to be applied, where inconsistencies abound, that the Customer will remember most.

How does CSN support our customers to swiftly, accurately and cost-effectively build their key Customer Journey Maps?

Across the last 20 years, CSN have successfully supported over 150 customers through the Customer Journey Mapping process.

As part of our support, we are able to introduce our Customer Journey Mapping software, called Mapovate, which not only compliments the accurate building and internal sharing of each key Customer Journey Maps (be that for the whole organisation, a department, a particular channel such as website etc) butalso the software brings each Customer Journey to life, visually.

Mapovate helps our customers enormously to be able to visualise, literally, what the customer sees when engaging with the organisation. A huge advantage when trying to identify areas of required improvement.

A further benefit, unique to Mapovate users, is that the software has a simple function, whereby live data from an organisation’s Customer Satisfaction surveys can be directly linked automatically.

What this means, is that each and every Customer Journey Map can be monitored visually for performance in real-time – an incredibly powerful way of staying ahead of the curve.

The power and control of your organisation’s service delivery and Customer Experience strategy, with Mapovate, is truly unique:

  • every customer touchpoint identified,

  • every key customer journey mapped and visually brought to life and

  • the ability to monitor the real-time performance of your customer journeys, through your customer feedback

For further information or to set up a personal live, on-line demo of Mapovate in action, please drop us a line on team@customernet.com and we’ll be straight back in touch with details.

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