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Delivering Excellence in Customer Complaint Management - Next FREE Webinar from CSN. Reserve your sp

Every year, this CSN Webinar tends to be one if not, the most popular we deliver. It just happens to be the most difficult area to master for most companies on their Customer Journey to Excellence.

On 11am Thursday 15th November, we invite you to join us for our entirely FREE, interactive 45 minutes Webinar focusing this time on discussing how to optimise your Customer Complaint Management...not one to be missed.

Click HERE to register for free today and it'll take you under 20 seconds to secure your place. The number of slots available for the Webinar are limited and we always fill them, so it's important to reserve your spot asap if you wish to attend.

Bit of background on the Webinar:

Complaint Management has become one of the most challenging areas of customer service as social media has become the go-to platform for people to vent their frustration. Customers have also become more demanding than ever, requiring immediate responses and quick fixes.​

In the last 5 years the number of complaints* received by organisations have trebled and now accounts for about 20% all inbound enquiries. (*Definition - a complaint as an expression of dissatisfaction, whether justified or not).

However, the rewards for nailing your customer complaint management process, are huge.

Delivering Excellence in Customer Complaint Management significantly:

  • influences customer perceptions,

  • increases loyalty,

  • increases likelihood of re-purchase intentions and

  • leads to positive word-of-mouth recommendations

In this Webinar, we will look at the best way to deal with complaints and learn from the key success factors of the leading customer service organisations.

The business case for effective complaint management is well documented. Customers who are satisfied with how their complaint was handled are 8 times more loyal*. Customers accept mistakes, what they don't accept is companies who handle their mistakes badly. Find out more about how to benefit from complaints by booking your place today HERE, and take the next step on the service excellence journey.

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