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National Customer Service Week '18 - Day Three - SKILLS

Customer Service: Skills

Whilst it is fair to say that in the main, the most successful individuals operating within a customer service tend to share the same traits of being empathetic and patient in nature, they alone will not drive customers to be satisfied, or even better, highly impressed with the service received.

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Quite obviously, those in the customer-facing teams, delivering the highest levels of customer service, need some key, developed skills too. And have no illusion. This is one of, if not THE most demanding role in the organisation. So those skills are going to be crucial.

Why do those within the customer service delivery teams need to be so highly skilled?

….just look at the responsibility they carry and the potential implications on the behaviour of the company’s customers, after dealing with them!

  • 82% felt their customer service provider could have done something to prevent them switching (Accenture)

  • 87% of customers will share a good experience with others (Forbes)

In fact, the team at CSN don’t believe delivering good customer service, is quite the same as delivering good customer experience (CX).

Good customer service is the minimum a customer expects nowadays but it's when they receive good or great CX, the organisation can enjoy real benefits in return, such as; increased customer loyalty, sharing the good vibes with others, enhanced trust and confidence in dealing with the organisation in the future etc.

In order to deliver consistently strong Customer Service Excellence, unquestionably all client-facing teams need the relevant skills, ideally in addition to the empathetic personal nature, to do so. And naturally, that requires the organisation to execute a thorough Customer Service Training programme, as well as on-going 'skills-gap' monitoring.

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So in our team’s opinion, what are the Skills (and behaviours) so crucial to delivering high quality customer service and excellent Customer Experience (delivering the above whilst concurrently providing a memorable and impactful, positive impression on the customer):

  • Deep Product/Service knowledge

  • Consistently applying Active Listening to the customer and assuming nothing

  • Going the Extra Mile whenever needed

  • Communicating with total Clarity

  • Providing complete Transparency throughout

  • Anticipating and Solving Objections before they are aired

  • Delivering a Positive Close to finish on

  • A focus on Continuous Improvement

  • Demonstrating empathy and a determination to solve the issue for the customer

  • Focusing on providing a positive resolution through a single point of communication wherever possible

  • Demonstrating patience throughout the interaction

CSN has been successfully supporting organisations to deliver Customer Service Excellence for over 20 years, working with SMEs through to large multi-nationals such as; Johnson & Johnson, McCain's Foods, Royal Caribbean, Gatwick Airport etc.

We take great pride in gathering insight from our own customers and maintaining the consistently high levels of positive feedback from our own customers.

For more information on the solutions that we provide for companies like yours, including numerous customer testimonials to reassure you that we really are the UK’s leading support organisation for companies aiming to deliver Customer Service Excellence, head to www.customernet.com now and we’ll be delighted to discuss any help you may need.

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