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CSN CX Insights Series - No.1: Efficiently managing multinational customer feedback

CSN CX Insider No.1: Evidencing the time, cost and data insight benefits of a centralised solution, for generating multinational customer feedback.

Company Type and background

  • FTSE 100 business with deep, complex, multinational management structure

  • Leading global manufacturer of motion and fluid control technologies.

  • Sales and service network in 75 countries, as well as manufacturing capability in the North America, UK, Europe, China and South America

  • Customer feedback, if generated at all, was always done at a local, country level.

  • Huge inconsistencies around how and what data was collected, meaning benchmarking was almost impossible

  • Inevitably, Customer Experience wasn't really being measured or managed properly and increasing volumes of complaints reflected this

  • Where customer feedback did exist, the management process to translate into strategic action and improve, was missing in most countries

''Having met with the Director of Global Marketing, the first stage from our point of view was to understand the structure, people and processes involved within the company.

It is one thing proposing a solution in these situations, however, it can be quite another successfully deploying it, without first having first sorted through the internal politics in play.

Winning hearts and minds was an important part of our proposed solution, in particular around evidencing our multi-lingual team's language but importantly also, knowledge of cultural nuances.

At that point, we sent in our business proposal, based on the depth of experience we were able to draw on, in regards to delivering a single, centralised, end-to-end Customer Feedback, Analysis and Benchmarking solution - across customers within all 27 countries''.

John Hughes, Managing Director, CSN

The CX Challenge

  • Inconsistent or none existent approach to understanding customer perceptions, objectives and needs.

  • Feedback to be collected in a manner that provides an accurate and reliable representation of customers’ perceptions and behaviours

  • Connect feedback on service, products, people and expertise in order to deliver exceptional service.

  • Engagement with process owners for survey questions and closed loop approach

  • Customer experience (where it existed) reflected that the likely solutions and improvements required, would almost certainly split across local (country) and global teams - this decision making process was also missing

The Options available to the Company

  • Local vendors or Centralised functions

  • Email / Telephone / SMS / Web surveys

  • Transactional or Relationship surveys

''The company then chose the centralised, single

end-to-end solution proposed by CSN''

The CSN Solution

  • Fully outsourced to CSN

  • Centralised Approach constructed - to create trustworthy results data, it is important to talk to the right number of customers at the right time with the right questions.

  • Concerns dealt with directly with local country decision makers across a series of phone calls, test calls and in some cases, visits.

  • Baseline quickly established to identify key driver of customer engagement

  • Telephone interviews conducted in each native language (21 different languages across the 27 countries in total).

  • Balance representation of market segments, regions, products, etc. to match customer population – required sample sizes communicated by CSN

  • Voice of Customer set up according to customer value (Top customers)

  • Rigorous control of quality / call recording applied.

  • Real time customer dissatisfaction alerts and follow-up process established.

  • Single Data Analysis stage applied, allowing comparison, patterning and benchmarking

  • Free Text Comment Coding and Analysed

  • Detailed Report and Infographic Onsite presentation of results

  • Closed loop follow-up support

  • Systematic approach to continuous improvement

  • Link to business results and monitoring applied annually

  • Customer Feedback and Analysis presented annually into clear recommended Actions and Improvements needed locally and globally, in order to support the ongoing CX improvement plan.

Net Promoter Score significantly increased and maintained over the past 8 years across all 27 countries within the Group - this has also been reflected in the link to increased sales by account, during the same period.

The whole thinking behind the CSN CX Insider Series is to offer others a transparency and insight into the challenges and solutions that go hand in hand with improving the Customer Experience.

Hopefully, you will be able to empathise and draw some value from some of the real-life examples we will be sharing over the course of this Series.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you'd like any further information or visit us at www.customernet.com

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