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Starting next week! The CSN 'CX Insider Series'...challenges real companies are having with

We know from taking the trouble to understand our customers and prospects, that there is a real thirst for knowledge around how other companies face up to and meet the challenges of continually evolving customer expectations and the ability to successfully develop their overall quality of service, simultaneously.

Starting next week (whilst of course maintaining customer confidentiality, so without naming actual company names), we will be launching the:

'CX Insider Series' - Real Companies, Real CX Problems and Real CSN Solutions

Each of the articles that we publish is going to cover a different challenge that a real company is/was facing, together with the solutions that CSN worked with them on - it is quite certain you will be relate to some of them too within your organisation.

There are lots of different (real company) CX challenges that we will be discussing, such as;

  • one company that needed to generate customer surveys across 20+ countries and was suffering from employing/managing a research company in each territory,

  • another company which knew full well that their customer facing teams desperately needed uniform Customer Experience training but couldn't find the budget or time to do it,

  • a company which had completely underestimated the importance to their customer, of a particular type of communication channel etc etc and were paying the price for it

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This is presenting Customer Experience challenges at their rawest.

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