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We are proud to announce the launch of our new CX resource-crammed website!

'Whilst proudly embarking on our third decade in supporting our customers in their delivery of excellent Customer Experience (CX), we are determined too, as UK sector leaders, to maintain our role as the 'go-to' organisation for Customer Service advice and resources - something the new CSN website delivers in abundance'! - John Hughes, MD.

There are a large array of White papers, previously recorded interactive CX Webinars, Training videos etc within our CX Resource Centre all available for download

Additionally, our team has also put together a series of Live and interactive Webinars across a number of CX subject areas for you to Register for FREE for...please take a look and join many other top businesses that join us for these events.

We've put together a clear outline as to how to achieve the TISSE certification for Customer Service Excellence through CSN in the UK, useful for organisations determined to be the best and gain international recognition through the coveted TISSE (The International Standard for Service Excellence)


We've outlined tailored solutions for a very topical subject at the moment -Customer Compliant Handling - together with out most popular recorded Customer Complaints Management Webinar to download as well.

Should you wish to understand more about our Customer and Employee Engagement survey gathering services or our award-winning CX training (both online and face to face) programmes, we have also provided clear details about those solutions as well.

Naturally, we hope you are able to get great value from the new CSN Website and should you have any feedback or questions, we'd love to hear from you: team@customernet.com

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