Our founder and Managing Director, John Hughes, explains the sector-leading CX solutions that we deliver for our customers: 

The depth of support we are able to offer our customers, after 20+ years of optimising Customer Service Excellence strategies:

Organisations throughout the world, regardless of sector, are well aware of the potential rewards to the bottom line, in pursuing a strategy of delivering increasingly better service to their customers.


This is commonly known as: 

The Journey to Customer Excellence.

One size does NOT fit all however.


So whilst we share our various solutions to achieving Customer Excellence, it must be stressed that our success in supporting customers on their journey to Customer Excellence comes from a combination of deep experience and tailored strategies.

Another factor we bear in mind when partnering with customers is centred around how far into and how successful they have been with their CX Journey. Some just simply need support in tactical areas such as customer or employee survey generation for example.

Whatever the requirement, we guarantee that you will receive the very best advice and the most cost competitive solutions available, to achieve your goals successfully.

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So what do the experts (our customers!) think about our service?


''I doubt we would have got to this in such a well-planned and focussed way without the help of CSN and with the addition of their Mapovate software to help us capture and then review and refine the process as we implement changes. I now feel we are in a great position to make some real changes to the benefit of the customer. Thank you CSN for helping us get this far''

Trudie Wright, Head of Customer Services

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You don't have to be a customer to benefit from CSN. We provide an array of useful CX resources, including a really insightful webinar series.

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