Below, we outline our various CX Training Solutions in more depth:

On-site Training:

If you want to engage with your customers (and who doesn’t?) then you need to engage with your people first.


Our Customer Engagement Training Programme is the ideal way to do this, with focussed modules that can be branded and tailored to your organisation, including links to your real time customer feedback and even videos of your customers telling it like it is.

There are various delivery methods but our traditional classroom training remains a big favourite as our highly skilled trainers get the best out of people and facilitate real change when they get back to the workplace.


There’s no point developing your people unless this happens.

The whole programme is administered on an online portal where delegates and leaders can book modules, monitor progress and record what they will do differently after the training so everyone is completely accountable for turning the learning into behavioural change.

No more nice days out but where nothing is different afterwards. This is Customer Service training that really works.






Live & Online Training:

It’s not always that simple to develop people in a classroom environment and we recognise that.

If your people are spread over a vast geographical area; maybe even in different countries, or if you simply can’t afford for them to be out of the workplace for a full day then our Live & Online modules (including Engaging with Customers and Brilliant Basics) are the answer.

They cover exactly the same content as the classroom version of the modules but are in shorter packages using Adobe technology and with a live trainer. Think they’re less interactive than a classroom session? Think again!

Having completed a year’s worth of training using exclusively Live & Online sessions due to being spread across the UK at multiple sites, one of our customers has just received their highest ever customer feedback scores.


The results speak for themselves; as do the people who found the online sessions just as engaging as being face to face with the trainer.


Training Videos:

If your people work remotely or lack the time to commit to live CX Training courses, whether onsite or online, then CSN Training Videos are for you. For a nominal investment, CSN provide you and your team with access to 8 Video Modules, each lasting around 20 minutes and packed with over 20 years of CX knowledge.

This training format means your key people can start and stop the training content, repeat it around their busy schedules. It represents a wealth of well-presented insight, which can be used to improve or simply re-invigorate your Customer Service teams....although it should be said, in the company's pursuit of Customer Excellence, everybody within the organisation is responsible, so this training format provides you with a cost-realistic way by which to do that.

The type of content covered across the 8 CSN Training Videos is as follows:

Step 1: Understand why it is important to engage with your customer

Step 2: How good are your service excellence skills?

Step 3: Your personal impact

Step 4: Engage your customers in the way they want

Step 5: Make yourself remarkable

Step 6: Do what it takes to be GREAT

Step 7: Create your service excellence blueprint

Step 8: Engage your service excellence support team



Some organisations want a third party to deliver their customer service training but for others, they may already have their own customer focussed programmes or modules in place, or be in the process of developing them.

We can accredit these programmes or modules and make sure they meet the standards required to make a difference. Through our partnership with The International Customer Service Institute, we offer a robust certification of customer service training which we check against over 200 criteria.


So you can deliver your own internal customer service training in the knowledge that it meets global standards and is in line with best practice for both methodology and content.

As well as a certificate, your trainers can be confident that the courses are designed in the right way and cover the necessary areas. In a world where a lot of training fails to make any difference at all, this is a great way of avoiding it happening with your customer service.

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