The logical place to start when looking to improve customer service is to analyse and even visualise the customer journey.


Know their journey; feel their pain points, make it easier for them to do business with you and you’re well on the way to creating a better experience.

One of the key elements to Customer Journey Mapping is to identify each and every Customer Touchpoints for your organisation - and from experience, the majority of customers we work with often pay much more attention to some Customer Touchpoints than others.


To Customers however, any one of the ways (or combination thereof) in which they interact with the organisation could be the one to damage the relationship.


Delivering customer excellence involves consistently high customer service delivery across every touchpoint, all the time.

Customer Journey Mapping is a topic that’s never been hotter such is the power it brings to organisations needing to close gaps in their Customer Service Strategy. It also no longer has to be a painful, manual and static task.


New Customer Journey Mapping software has made it easier than ever to make customer journeys simple to create, bring to life, amend and share around the organisation.


Plus you’ll learn a lot about your customers, their personas and the hoops you make them jump through.

Whether it’s getting started or ensuring you get maximum benefit from the exercise, our support package means your Customer Journey Maps can begin to take shape quickly and effectively. We transfer the skills and knowledge, which then allows your teams to continue with optimising all of your customer journeys thereafter.

Customer Journey Mapping software

The cutting-edge Customer Journey Mapping software that we use is called Mapovate.


Combining a unique ease-of-use platform, stunning visuals and intuitive features that save our customers both time and money when using the software, Mapovate also provides the World's first Customer Journey Mapping software, which incorporates dynamic, Voice of the Customer analytics.



But what are the benefits to you for partnering with CSN?

By combining our experience we have of building comprehensive and accurate Customer Journey Maps, together with the ability of the Mapovate software to bring them to life and visualise them for our customer, we will then 

confidently plot where the pain points are and help you solve them.








Successfully managing an organisation's Customer Experience, involves significantly closing the gap between expectations taken from the Brand Promise and the actually reality as seen through the eyes

of the customer.


CSN have an unrivalled depth of experience supporting our customers to cost-effectively

close the gap.

The overall service that your organisation is supposed to be delivering for your customers, seems at odds with the

feedback and complaints which you regularly receive.

Don't just take our word for it...

Our customers are the one's in the best position to judge the positive results that we help them achieve;


''I doubt we would have got to this in such a well-planned and focussed way without the help of CSN and with the addition of their Mapovate software to help us capture and then review and refine the process as we implement changes. I now feel we are in a great position to make some real changes to the benefit of the customer. Thank you CSN for helping us get this far''

Trudie Wright, Head of Customer Services

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