Customer Complaint Handling is a challenge for every organisation to consistently get right...but the very best do just that.


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When CSN was formed in 1997 we described customer complaints as ‘gold dust’.


We still regard the correct handling of Customer Complaints as that today, given they represent a rare opportunity to learn from a customer's perspective, as well as an opportunity to fix things for them.


An additional factor we all face nowadays, is the possibility for customer complaints and how they are dealt with, to be amplified many times and discussed over social media.


But that can be said for when customer complaints are dealt with very professionally too...the opportunity to turn around a potentially damaging situation very much still exists.

At CSN we value complaints highly and the customer insights that they provide.


We are passionate about our customers meeting their customer complaints management head on and in helping them build a consistent, skilled, effective process to deal with and over time, reduce customer complaints.


We offer best practice advice, support, surveys and training and solutions to put complaint handling and management at the top of your agenda. With the aim of trying to make every complaint turn into exactly what we always said it could be – gold dust.

From experience, the most effective platform from which to generate and sustain improvements is when our team works with the customer to build their bespoke Customer Complaint Map, which provides transparency and clarity around their entire complaints process:



But would you benefit from our Customer Complaint Management support?


As you'd expect the answer is an unreserved yes.


However, there are a few very clear reasons why that is the case:



  • Benchmarking: Whilst every organisation wants to operate the very best customer complaints process it possibly can, a financial reality has to be applied too of course. The very minimum every organisation should be trying to deliver, is a competitive advantage over its competitors by being better than them. After 20+ years supporting customers across almost every sector, we bring complete insight into how you perform against your competitors



  • We focus our customers on Root Cause as well as Complaint Handling: Optimising the complaints handling process is crucial of course but so many organisations fail to apply similar effort into WHY the complaints are happening in the first place. Again, our experience is crucial for many of our customers in identifying the root causes of complaints, and a set of solutions to reduce some of these issues happening in the first place - huge savings can often be swiftly gained with this approach.



  • An extra set of (very experienced eyes): For some customers, the solution they want from CSN is for a third party expert to effectively audit and check their processes, results, weaknesses, areas of improvement etc. in order to make sure complacency hasn't crept in or an over-tolerance of unresolved complaints for example.



  • Our solutions are an investment not a cost: Customer complaint processes can be very costly. Bases on our experience in this area, following an initial evaluation, our team will be able to identify one or more of the following improvements, which will immediately and positively affect the bottom line:

    • Reduction in time to resolve complaints

    • Eradication or removal of certain complaint categories

    • Higher levels of customer satisfaction post-complaint resolution

    • Much improved efficiency throughout entire customer complaint handling process







One of the most powerful outcomes of successfully supporting hundreds of customers across the last 20 years, is the ability to absorb all of the insight, to be able to benchmark what good, very strong and the best CX delivery involves.


CSN have an unrivalled depth of experience in being able to benchmark our customers against their competition.

The appetite is certainly there to become sector leaders in delivering the optimum Customer Experience but you feel like you are operating blind in terms of how you measure up to the competition.

Don't just take our word for it...

Our customers at CSN are the one's in the best position to judge the positive results that we help them achieve;


''I doubt we would have got to this in such a well-planned and focussed way without the help of CSN and with the addition of their Mapovate software to help us capture and then review and refine the process as we implement changes. I now feel we are in a great position to make some real changes to the benefit of the customer. Thank you CSN for helping us get this far''

Trudie Wright, Head of Customer Services

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