Every day our Managing Director, John Hughes (@Cexhelp), tweets out a popular 'CX Tip of the Day' such is his passion for helping and supporting companies with their drive for delivering ever-improving Customer Experience. 


Below is an insight into his 25 years at the forefront of the UK Customer Service Excellence sector:

Do you have a CX question or opinion that you'd like to discuss? We are all ears and delighted to's what we do.

Ok is a lost opportunity. ‪@ticsi ‪@CSN_SocialMedia

Customer Excellence Training needs to create great memories. ‪@ticsi ‪@CSN_SocialMedia

Bosses do not know more about ‪#CEX than employees.  Consult your front line employees on ‪#CustExp on a regular basis. ‪@ticsi

Good Customer Journey mapping should focus on emotions, feelings and values and not processes and procedure ‪@Mapovate_Tweets

‪#Cex‪  80% of businesses say live chat has had a positive effect on sales, revenue, and loyalty @ticsi @CSN_SocialMedia

#CEX Complaints are not the worst thing that can happen but it might feel that way. Customers who leave and don’t come back are the worst thing that

can happen.

‪#CEX‪ Your organisation reputation is more often based on your customer service not the product or service you sell. @ticsi 

Use Complaints as opportunities to put things right and learn for the future. ‪@ticsi ‪@CSN_SocialMedia

Beware: Passives may seem relatively happy but with the right incentive they could easily leave for competitor. ‪@ticsi

The level of service we deliver to our customers can only ever be as good as the internal service we give to each other. Identify and fix the weakest links in the internal supply chain @ticsi

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