We were delighted to be the first UK organisation to achieve the TISSE standard and it is great to have now have achieved re-accreditation with a significantly increased score. This has been achieved by focussing on areas highlighted in our original TISSE certification report and by working hard to put in place a robust Customer Excellence programme.

Our ultimate quality goal is that 95% of our customers will score us as good or excellent. Through working with CSN and TICSI in our recent assessment and re-certification we have clearly identified how we can move forward and increase our customer satisfaction levels and further enhance their journey with Kallidus.

Rob Caul, Kallidus

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“Selwood had, for a number of years been collecting customer feedback information on it’s repairs service via our repairs operatives PDA’s and in early 2016 we concluded we needed to change our approach and we met a number of organisations to discuss how we might take this forward, and of all the companies we met, we were most impressed with what CSN had to offer – their knowledge and experience of telephone surveys, their positive upbeat attitude seemed to be most in tune with our own and the way the made the whole process  simple and easy was as reassuring as it was impressive.”

Chris George, the group asset director advised “it’s been a real pleasure working with CSN, they’re switched on and they definitely know their stuff and they’ve been able to help us set up a really comprehensive detailed survey that’s now giving us some fantastic feedback to help us really understand the service we’re offering and what we need to focus to drive up customer satisfaction.”


Chris George, Group Asset Director, Selwood Housing


At NHBC we wanted to take a close look at the customer journey for one very important aspect of our business. Rather than a traditional process mapping exercise I contacted Customer Service Network to discuss Customer Journey Mapping – a process that’s designed to look at things through the customer eyes. CSN took us through this process helping us to gain an in-depth insight into how our customers experience a process and where we could improve that experience. From the exercise we gained 40 new ideas which we are now working on. I doubt we would have got to this in such a well-planned and focussed way without the help of CSN and with the addition of the Mapovate software to help us capture and then review and refine the process as we implement changes I now feel we are in a great position to make some real changes to the benefit of the customer. Thank you CSN for helping us get this far.

Trudie Wright, Head of Customer Services

Newplan Solutions

CSN provides us with an independent overview as to what our customers think about the services we provide them. In this way we can continue to focus on resolving customer problems like they are the most important thing in the world to us; we can continue to develop and report upon a culture of service excellence in the business; using regular feedback collected by CSN and celebrating the vast majority of customers who are very very happy with what we do.

A good professional service, who are easy to work with and bring science to the art of customer service

Martin Heatlie, Director, Newplan Solutions


CSN designed and delivered a series of workshops for our people across the UK and Europe that refocused the whole organisation on the importance of delivering great customer service. The workshops were thought-provoking (especially the customer journey mapping) and fun and helped us to take a step forward with our customer service people development strategy.

Camping in the Forest

CSN worked closely with CITF to understand our business and our needs before putting together an innovative training package that delivered on all our key objectives. The training was completely tailored to match our specific technical capabilities and delivered to a timescale that fitted our operational requirements. Any feedback from the early participants was immediately considered and improvements to the training content and how it was delivered were made. In all the training provided was excellent and added value to overall customer service improvement programme.

Spencer Pettit, Business Development Manager, Camping in the Forest


CSN have set up and run our NPS surveys globally across 23 countries and the feedback we get is vital to us improving our customer service and identifying the key areas, by country, to focus our efforts on. They have also enabled us to understand the cost benefit to improving our service delivery, so we have been able to engage people across the organisation in what we are doing.

Mark Stevens, Norgren

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We found the pre-certification gap analysis audit undertaken by the Customer Service Network a great starting point to help us prepare and formulate a customer service plan for the full certification audit which will follow by The International Institute for Customer Service (TICSI). The assessment was one of the most robust I have come across.

Keith Grimmett, NHS Blood and Transplant. 


We have worked with CSN for over 9 years now and it’s fair to say our entire approach to customer focus has changed in that time.

We used to talk mainly about empty homes, arrears and loss of income. Now we talk about empathy, service excellence and customer loyalty. Customer Advocacy, something we didn’t even know about 9 years ago, is our number one performance indicator across our organisation.

CSN have acted a friend – often a challenging one – on our journey towards putting the customer at the forefront of the organisation

Paul Taylor, Head of Customer Experience, Bromford Group


CSN are the people we used for a baseline assessment and I thought they were very good. I was keen to look beyond our own sector to improve our customer focus.

We used CSN as part of a service excellence programme under which we wanted them to help us with our customer care in particular. Some of their very detailed best practice stuff on customer care is very, very good.

In my opinion, it goes well beyond the best practice emerging from with the sector! I was particularly impressed with the way they collect and present customer feedback.

They are also great people to deal with. I would certainly endorse them.

Alan Brunt, Chief Executive, West Devon Homes


Working with Customer Service Network has enabled us to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the service that we at Keyfuels deliver to our customers, and by using the recognised NPS scoring system, it has allowed us to benchmark our results against other service providing organisations.

Customer Service Network conducted the research quickly and the data we received back was clear, well presented and easy to interpret. It was really great to find out where we excel, but probably more useful was discovering where our stakeholders felt our service could be improved. These results have allowed us to tailor our staff training programme to focus on the areas requiring improvement, so we can ultimately deliver the best possible service to our customers.

Paul Boycott, Service Delivery Manager, Keyfuels