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I work for a company that is absolutely rubbish at handling complaints.

Said no customer service director. At any company. Ever.

In the UK, even though it’s commonly understood that customer service is crucial, we still don’t like to let on that we aren’t very good at dealing with complaints. At CSN we often describe complaints as gold dust. A lot of organisations treat them as if they are something they stepped in.

Things be a changin’ in this world of ours.

Twenty five years ago we didn’t have the internet, or at least not the one we use for everything today.

Yet, in just a quarter of a century, technology threatens to take over the world. For example, Japan has just launched its first robot worker in a hotel, there are driverless buses in the USA, drones are being shot down for invading individual’s airspace and Ryanair aren’t the most complained about airline. The world is moving so quickly, performance handling drugs seem the only way to keep up provided you can find someone willing to hide the evidence.


John Hughes, Founder and Managing Director, CSN

John has spent more than thirty years helping organisations improve their customer service, using low cost, practical and high effective solutions that are focussed on what the customer wants, their feedback, the organisational context and above all, the people who make it happen. He is President of The International Customer Service Institute in the UK, the lead assessor for The International Standard and a judge on the UK Customer Experience Awards.


We found the pre-certification gap analysis audit undertaken by the Customer Service Network a great starting point to help us prepare and formulate a customer service plan for the full certification audit which will follow by The International Institute for Customer Service (TICSI). The assessment was one of the most robust I have come across.

Keith Grimmett, NHS Blood and Transplant.

Case Study

The International Standard for Service Excellence (TISSE) is a global accreditation for customer service, developed by The International Customer Service Institute.

But do you know that it also is a great way to simply assess where your customer service currently is. With any improvements or strategic implementation you need to know your starting position; otherwise, how will you know if you’re getting better?

Click here to download the TISSE Case Study.


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