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It’s Red Nose Day, unfortunately timed after the events at Westminster in a week where living in Britain was definitely no laughing matter.

But we have to go on, as the politicians on sound-bite tour tell us, so tonight’s event to raise money for people living in poverty, here in the UK and Africa will fill our TV screens until the early hours or you switch off and go to bed (whichever comes sooner). This year’s event, called ‘A Comic Adventure’ will include Ed Sheeran being raffled off, Take That doing karaoke with James Corden and the long awaited – but sadly short – sequel to Love, Actually – featuring nearly all of the stars from the first one.

Red Nose Day began, says Google, in 1988 and is hosted every two years which I found hard to believe. The money raised transforms lives; since last year’s Comic Relief, of which Red Nose Day, is a part, nearly a million African children have received lifesaving vaccinations. A worthwhile cause in every way.

You know the one.

It’s just like real bingo (and I should know because my Mum used to drag me around them as a youngster whenever we went on holiday and I developed a bit of a ‘if you can’t beat ’em’ mentality) but you use business jargon instead of numbers.

You have a list of pretentious, patronising and frankly, meaningless words and as a consultant reels each one off you mark them on your card until you have them all and you shout ‘House!’.


John Hughes, Founder and Managing Director, CSN

John has spent more than thirty years helping organisations improve their customer service, using low cost, practical and high effective solutions that are focussed on what the customer wants, their feedback, the organisational context and above all, the people who make it happen. He is President of The International Customer Service Institute in the UK, the lead assessor for The International Standard and a judge on the UK Customer Experience Awards.


At NHBC we wanted to take a close look at the customer journey for one very important aspect of our business. Rather than a traditional process mapping exercise I contacted Customer Service Network to discuss Customer Journey Mapping – a process that’s designed to look at things through the customer eyes. CSN took us through this process helping us to gain an in-depth insight into how our customers experience a process and where we could improve that experience. From the exercise we gained 40 new ideas which we are now working on. I doubt we would have got to this in such a well-planned and focussed way without the help of CSN and with the addition of the Mapovate software to help us capture and then review and refine the process as we implement changes I now feel we are in a great position to make some real changes to the benefit of the customer. Thank you CSN for helping us get this far.

Trudie Wright, Head of Customer Services

Case Study

The International Standard for Service Excellence (TISSE) is a global accreditation for customer service, developed by The International Customer Service Institute.

But do you know that it also is a great way to simply assess where your customer service currently is. With any improvements or strategic implementation you need to know your starting position; otherwise, how will you know if you’re getting better?

Click here to download the TISSE Case Study.


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