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Dramatically improving the Customer Experience

In a secto­­­­r where customers can’t always choose their provider and success is not always measured in profits, housing providers have struggled to work out what good customer service is and even in some cases, why they need to have a particularly strong focus on it.

But getting customer experience right is more important than ever now that many social landlords are increasingly entering competitive new areas of business (such as selling homes on the open market) where competitors already have established customer service teams.

In addition to the obvious benefit that strong customer service brings to Housing Associations in terms of the positive internal and external perception that it brings to everybody concerned, there is also a real financial benefit too; happy customers need to contact you less and that saves money.


John Hughes, Founder and Managing Director, CSN

Who we’ve worked with…


Selwood had, for a number of years been collecting customer feedback information on it’s repairs service via our repairs operatives PDA’s and in early 2016 we concluded we needed to change our approach and we met a number of organisations to discuss how we might take this forward, and of all the companies we met, we were most impressed with what CSN had to offer – their knowledge and experience of telephone surveys, their positive upbeat attitude seemed to be most in tune with our own and the way the made the whole process  simple and easy was as reassuring as it was impressive.

Chris George, Group Asset Director, Selwood Housing

White Paper

Most Housing Associations gather customer feedback in some way but are they doing enough with the data they receive? Any survey must ask the right questions and gather insights that can be actioned and that drive improvement. This downloadable white paper highlights best practice and the pitfalls to avoid with when obtaining customer feedback.

Click here to download the Making the most of Customer feedback White Paper.


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