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With so many variables and connecting factors that go into a Customer Feedback process, wouldn’t you feel more confident knowing there is a partner which can help you get this right.

A partner that can help optimise each and every variable, to support the delivery of hugely valuable Customer opinion feedback process, swifter and in a much more cost-effective way?

That partner is CSN.

Delivering consistently strong customer complaint handling is what many travel companies struggle with and some don’t have the basics in place either…

As we all know, Customers have the right to complain and the majority do so in the hope that the issue will be resolved… therefore it is then logical to apply the mind-set that the Customer Complaints process represents an opportunity and is not a damage limitation exercise.

Ironically, however, multiple research shows that, ultimately, it is usually the actual complaint handling process that leads to customer dissatisfaction rather than the original problem itself.

When the team at CSN is helping to review the way an organisation handles complaints, we start by asking a number of simple questions, which almost always provide insightful feedback that helps build the solution.

This is one of the most common questions we get asked within this sector.

Sometimes the most effective way to improve an organisation, is not the purchasing of lots of brand new products and services to be able to deliver better and faster –it’s gaining insight and knowledge into what the competition is doing comparably well and how they are doing it.

No other Customer Service Excellence organisation has specialised within the Holiday and Travel sector over the last 20 years – CSN has.

No other Customer Service Excellence organisation has developed the breadth of insight and intellectual property to be able to confidently bench-mark where YOUR Customer Excellence strategy and delivery, sits compared to the best

With most companies split into functional silos or departments, it is natural that when left un-tethered, the customer notices tangible differences in the service received from each.

Naturally, a customer wants to experience an organisation that provides a single seamless journey across all touch-points from initial enquiry right through to any required post sales support.

At best, fluctuating customer experiences across different communication across your organisation will be frustrating but much more likely, seen as reasons to complain/go elsewhere.

An approach to firstly understand and then overcome these barriers is to consider the total customer journey. And the tool required to sit central to any customer excellence strategy, must therefore be the organisations Customer Journey Map – it’s THAT crucial.

From small UK camping retreats, through to huge multi-national travel companies such as Royal Caribbean, increasingly within the Holiday sector, CSN are the partner of choice for the delivery of high quality customer surveys.

No other supplier can deliver the level and depth of service that CSN can:

  • Fully UK based research and analysis teams
  • UK and multi-lingual (currently 15 languages across 20 countries around the world) team members
  • NPS™ (Net Promoter Score) research undertaken

Having been lucky enough to work with some of the largest and most CX focussed organisations in the UK, the team at CSN long ago figured out the fact that those which were most consistently successful, were those which had most tangibly developed a company wide mind-set around the importance of excellent customer service, compared to those which merely tactically tweak different parts of their CX delivery.

Surely it is logical that focussed, spirited and engaged employees, will create an environment based on pride and determination to deliver excellence –but developing this mind-set, is of course much more than simply training staff and expecting them to deliver from there.

Excellence in Complaint Management is more than just a well-trained and knowledgeable front-line team. Time and investment is also required in the following areas;

• Leadership & Culture
• Process
• Technology and Systems
• Performance management
• Systematic Reviews
• Continuous Improvement

CSN have put together a very popular, audio and video Webinar…

Recent years have seen evolving and often rising customer expectations when it comes to the delivery of customer service excellence in the travel and holiday sectors.

Add in the complexity and cost constraints of managing multiple on and offline communication channels and the challenge at times may even seem over-whelming.

With this in mind and over 20+ years of experience, successfully supporting supporting travel and holiday firms in the UK with their pursuit of customer excellence, the team at CSN has decided to highlight four of the hottest software/techniques, which are being utilised to help organisations take back control of both customer insight and cost, when pursuing the delivery of customer excellence:

As you’ll know better than most, efficiently and cost-effectively managing customer enquiries across seasonal changes in volume, is no mean feat.

As customer expectations evolve, it’s not a journey that you’ll ever get to the end of either. It is with this challenge firmly in mind that many years ago, we started delivering a support programme across our Travel/Holiday customers, which aimed to turn how customer feedback was dealt with, into a competitive advantage.

After all, any customer feedback, whether in the form of a complaint or participation into a survey, is a direct measurement into the perception of the customer experience – and customer enquiries will always feature highly in those perceptions, as they represent tangible interactions between the two parties.

An enormous benefit we bring to our Holiday sector customers, is not only the 20+ years’ experience of helping businesses in their sector deliver stronger customer experiences but is also the insights and knowledge that we have been able to bring from our other focus sectors too.

It is logical for the Holiday sector to keep at least one eye on those financial services companies that are regularly topping the national surveys for delivering Best Customer Experience.

Companies such as First Direct and Nationwide may have different challenges and a more static customer base but operate in similarly competitive environments to the Holiday sector.

They have put delivering high quality Customer Experience at the heart of their business – so determined are they to retain and develop the relationship they have with their customers – much can be learned.

With the effect of Brexit already apparent through a weaker Sterling, the UK holiday sector is enjoying strong growth.

Naturally, however, with growth comes more strain on delivery, which when coupled with managing seasonal complications, is resulting in an increase in customer complaints across some parts of the sector too.

There has never been a better time to partner with CSN: the UK’s leading independent customer excellence organisation in the Holiday sector.

Rather than just focusing on managing the potential negative side of customer service and complaint management in the holiday sector, we have an unparalleled depth of experience in successfully helping our clients build strong, robust platforms from which to deliver excellent, consistent customer experiences.


John Hughes, Founder and Managing Director, CSN

John has spent more than thirty years helping organisations improve their customer service, using low cost, practical and high effective solutions that are focussed on what the customer wants, their feedback, the organisational context and above all, the people who make it happen. He is President of The International Customer Service Institute in the UK, the lead assessor for The International Standard and a judge on the UK Customer Experience Awards.

Who we’ve worked with…


CSN worked closely with CITF to understand our business and our needs before putting together an innovative training package that delivered on all our key objectives. The training was completely tailored to match our specific technical capabilities and delivered to a timescale that fitted our operational requirements. Any feedback from the early participants was immediately considered and improvements to the training content and how it was delivered were made. In all the training provided was excellent and added value to overall customer service improvement programme.

Spencer Pettit, Business Development Manager, Camping in the Forest

Case Study

CSN have worked with Camping In The Forest for more than five years, helping them to develop a best practice customer service strategy. We’ve also worked with many other companies in the sector including Forest Holidays, Camping & Caravanning Club, Royal Caribbean and Away Resorts.

This downloadable white paper outlines how holiday companies can deliver an excellent experience for their customers by adopting a strategic, consistent approach and developing a service excellent culture.

Click here to download the Delivering Holiday Service Excellence Whitepaper and see how we’ve helped Travel & Leisure Businesses deliver Service Excellence.


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