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Did you know that Jet2 was the best airline and travel company? Or that Aldi’s customer service was better than Waitrose and Marks and Spencer’s?

Well it’s true. Because the UKCSI tells us so. Or does it?

It’s that time of year again when everyone claims to be the best company for customer service, or the best travel company for customer service, or the best airline for customer service. Or the best small airline for customer service. Or the best airline with an orange logo for customer service.

They say moving house is one of the most stressful things you can go though in life, along with say, divorce. Well let me tell you, from my experience, divorce is a doddle compared to this.

It’s also a time when customer service failings in this county are horribly exposed.

Regular readers will know that the solicitors (of the buyer, not ours) have been an utter nightmare from Day 1, causing delay upon delay. So when we finally wanted them to be slow and create delays – on the moving day when we still had three car loads of boxes to move – they finally do something right (or wrong, from my perspective) and get the completion done at midday. All we want is consistency!


John Hughes, Founder and Managing Director, CSN

John has spent more than thirty years helping organisations improve their customer service, using low cost, practical and high effective solutions that are focussed on what the customer wants, their feedback, the organisational context and above all, the people who make it happen. He is President of The International Customer Service Institute in the UK, the lead assessor for The International Standard and a judge on the UK Customer Experience Awards.


We were delighted to be the first UK organisation to achieve the TISSE standard and it is great to have now have achieved re-accreditation with a significantly increased score. This has been achieved by focussing on areas highlighted in our original TISSE certification report and by working hard to put in place a robust Customer Excellence programme.

Our ultimate quality goal is that 95% of our customers will score us as good or excellent. Through working with CSN and TICSI in our recent assessment and re-certification we have clearly identified how we can move forward and increase our customer satisfaction levels and further enhance their journey with Kallidus.

Rob Caul, Kallidus

Case Study

The International Standard for Service Excellence (TISSE) is a global accreditation for customer service, developed by The International Customer Service Institute.

But do you know that it also is a great way to simply assess where your customer service currently is. With any improvements or strategic implementation you need to know your starting position; otherwise, how will you know if you’re getting better?

Click here to download the Kallidus TISSE Case Study.


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